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Rebel Run is a sport’s facility dedicated to growing action sports and providing the absolute best quality of    training not just for the beginner but seasoned professionals as well.  We offer a wide range of activities from weekly lessons to summer camps, birthday parties to unique events. 


Rebel Run was created by two friends with a passion for BMX and individuals who always try to push and exceed the limits of what we can do as athletes.

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President | Coach

Travis Postany started riding BMX in 1999. He quickly became known as “the guy that will try anything,” and with that kind of mentality, he made his way through the ranks very quickly, going from a 15 Novice in 1999 to A Pro in 2002 at 18 years old. From 2002-04, Postany had many A Pro wins and eventually worked his way to Elite Pro in 2005. He soon realized his go-for-it-all-or-nothing attitude was best suited for Freestyle BMX. He has competed in hundreds of big events and has many accomplishments, but will always be best known for his creativity and drive to push the limits of what can be done on a bike. Combine that with his passion for kids and teaching and you have Rebel Run BMX. Having a camp has always been a dream of his, and he is proud to have it become a reality.


Builder | Coach

Lee Lewis, better known in the BMX world as “Lee The Flea,” started racing in 1997 on his 8th birthday. Lee is one of those guys who was just born to ride a bike. He is best known for his incredible skills and smoothness on the track. He once broke his chain in the first turn during a race at a national event—and still won the race. Once he started to put some power in with his skills, he became one of the fastest amateurs in the world. He turned A Pro in 2010, quickly made his way through, and is now competing with the best of the best in Elite Pro.


Head BMX Coach

If you know anything about BMX then you know Bubba Harris. For Bubba BMX has literally been his whole life. At the young age of 16 Bubba turned Elite/AA Pro and never turned back. In 2004 Bubba was on a mission, but nobody would have predicted the outcome. Bubba not only secured the USABMX Elite #1 title in 2004, but he went on to do the same in 2005, and 2006. Along with that Bubba earned his stripes as the Elite World Champion in 2005. Off the track Bubba is no stranger when it comes to coaching. He started training with Super Camp at the age of 10 and at 16 he took over as the head coach. Bubba is still mixing it up in the Elite class today and we are excited to have him with us.

What We Do

What Rebel Run BMX offers is unique and unlike any other experience you will find. We give the absolute best care we can to all of our athletes, we it comes to training we believe in quality not quantity, and that is why we only allow ten athletes in each class/camp. You get hands on, one-on-one attention the entire time you’re here. We don’t want you to come here, learn a couple things, and head home with nothing but a few tips, so here is a run down of what you can expect:


We hit the track, trails, and park. We want to see how your bike handling skills are not just on the track, but in all environments. A lot of kids grow up learning to ride a bike on a track, which isn’t always a bad thing, but it pushes them to want to get fast quickly, and in return, they don’t have the bike handling skills needed when going that fast. It is important to ride all aspects of BMX, whether its trails, at the skate park, or just around the neighborhood. This is how you learn to maneuver your bike and gain control in all situations. Once we figure out where your skill level is, we come up with a plan to enhance that.


Before you train for anything, you need to know what you are training for. Obviously you are training for BMX, but it is more complex than that. What specifically are you training for? What is your goal in BMX? Once we know that then we figure out the best way for you to reach that goal. This includes a full-body evaluation by our strength and wellness coach to figure out the main parts of your body you need to work on. Just like anything that is constructed, you need a stable foundation to build on, and that is the same for any athlete. Stability and balance work are VERY important when it comes to enhancing your strength and performance.


When it comes to competing at a high level, your mind can either make you or break you in competition. Being mentally prepared is just as important, if not more important, than being physically prepared. Preparing for a race and knowing you’re prepared for a race are two completely different things. We will have discussions and demonstrations on how to mentally prepare yourself for races and for training. When you’re mentally focused in training you will always get more out if it.


When building an athlete, how fast they progress not only depends on how hard they work, but also what they are fueling their body with. Diet is HUGE when you start to compete at a high level. It alone can be the difference in winning or losing. Not only is what you put in your body very important, but also when you put it in your body. BMX is very different when it comes to competitions. There is a lot of sitting around, and then all of a sudden you have to be fully energized, ready to give everything you’ve got for 45 seconds. Repeat that process multiple times a day. We will educate you not only on how to eat but when to eat when you’re at races so that you peak at the right times.


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